50 Cent Beat Up Snitch In Front Of J.LO

HipHopX/Getty Images

50 Cent has a reputation  to take things to the extreme, either by deliberate action or through social media, and now an unearthed story about him manhandling a snitch in front of Jennifer Lopez has come to light.

Acclaimed producer Cory Rooney revealed a moment when the G-Unit boss allegedly had to physically fight someone over a disagreement involving a friend of his and late Fat Boys artist Prince Markie Dee during an appearance on the Bag Fuel Podcast.

According to Rooney, the beatdown at The Hit Factory in New York was started by a prior incident in which a friend of 50’s tipped off Markie Dee about being with a lady who wasn’t his girlfriend.

“We’re at the Hit Factory, and I’m with Jennifer in the studio,” Rooney recalled. “50 shows up that day, and he got the dude with him. So he comes to me and he’s like, ‘Yo, where Mark at?’ I said, ‘I don’t know.’ He says, ‘Call him on the phone.’ So, I put him on the phone, 50’s like, ‘Ay yo listen, I got this n-gga here right now, so wassup, tell me what happened.’”

He continued: “The dude was looking around, and he put Mark on speaker, and the dude was saying, ‘Nah, that’s not what happened.’ So after awhile, 50 was looking at him and says he’ll call Mark back. And then, 50 starts pounding this dude, and Jennifer is like, ‘Oh my God.’ She started screaming. Then I told him, ‘Take the n-gga outside.’ ”

Rooney then explained how 50 Cent allegedly continued to beat on the man believed to be his friend outside the studio for disloyalty and making him look bad in front of his other friends.

You can check out the full story below.

In the late 1990s, record producer Corey Rooney signed 50 Cent and has worked closely with J.Lo for more than 20 years.