6ix9ine Receives Warning from Puerto Rico Police Following Death Threats

Image Source: Rolling Stone

6ix9ine has been warned by Puerto Rican police, advising him not to travel to the country due to numerous threats against his life, even though he’s set to perform later this week. Authorities are concerned for his safety and want him to reconsider his plans.

The controversial rapper, 6ix9ine, is scheduled to take the stage at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico on Thursday (July 20) as part of the Youth Awards, hosted by the Univisión network.

According to local outlet Elvocero, Police Commissioner Antonio López Figueroa has reportedly requested Univisión to remove 6ix9ine from the bill for the Youth Awards event at Coliseo de Puerto Rico. The request was made due to alleged threats against the rapper.

Image Source: Spotify

The Univisión network was the one who informed the police about the alleged threats against 6ix9ine’s life. However, the local authorities were unable to verify the legitimacy of these complaints, they said they could not do enough to protect the rapper nor prevent him from traveling to Puerto Rico.

According to reports, the local authorities will be implementing a security plan to the best of their abilities to ensure the safety of 6ix9ine during his time in Puerto Rico.

As of now, 6ix9ine has a presentation scheduled for Thursday with Yailin “La Más Viral,” and he has not yet responded to the reports about the threats against him. However, it is worth noting that he had previously promoted the presentation on his Instagram on Tuesday (July 18).