6ix9ine’s Alleged Baby Mama Demands $50K In Child Support

Image Source: XXL Mag

6ix9ine‘s lifestyle choices often come back to haunt him, and now the mother of his alleged child is demanding monthly financial support from him.

In a recent episode of the We In Miami podcast, Roz Verde opened up about being a mother to 6ix9ine’s child and revealed that he has been absent since the birth.

“As soon as I told him my water broke, that n-gga ran,” she said. “He has not come to see me, that n-gga ran.”

Image Source: HipHopXXIV

Regarding receiving child support from the New York rapper, she said: “I’m a bitch that need to be put up – period. I’m not struggling and I’m not working hard. I don’t work hard, I work smart. Like put me up or get put up.”

When asked about the monthly payments she wants from him, she replied, “50,000” without hesitation. Then, she turned to the camera and said, Come back, baby, I don’t want to put you on child support.”