6ix9ine’s Vape Partners Sue Rival Company, Claiming Interference with Rapper’s Deal

6ix9ine Fume Vape

6ix9ine‘s Dummy Vapes brand is upset with rival company. They think company is trying to steal their famous rapper client.

On Wednesday, September 20, TMZ obtained documents revealing that Dummy Vapes has filed a lawsuit against a company called Fume. The lawsuit alleges that Fume has attempted to undermine Dummy Vapes.

Dummy Vapes & Fume Vapes
Dummy Vapes/Fume Vapes

According to the lawsuit, Dummy Vapes engaged in a “celebrity collaboration” with 6ix9ine in February 2023, in which he exclusively endorsed their vaping products. However, in June, the company learned that Fume had reached out to the rapper and offered him $1 million to collaborate with their brand.

Seemingly unsuccessful with their initial attempt, Fume allegedly approached 6ix9ine’s girlfriend, Yailin la Mas Viral, with a $250,000 contract. This approach succeeded in achieving their goal. By July, 6ix9ine had entered into a merchandise partnership with Fume. He also recently claimed that Fume was the company responsible for the $1 million payout to Kodak Black for their “Shaka Laka” collaboration.

To make things worse, Fume released 14 vape flavors, and some of them were called “Dumy Vapes by Fume.


In the lawsuit, Dummy Vapes stated that 6ix9ine later released a public service announcement (PSA) in which he confirmed that he was still associated with Team Dummy Vapes and that his involvement with Fume was solely through his girlfriend’s agreement. However, it appears that matters took a turn for the worse after this announcement.

Reportedly, Dummy Vapes invested $60,000 to arrange a private jet for 6ix9ine to promote their brand at an industry event in Las Vegas. However, he later withdrew from the event “due to directives from Fume.”

Dummy Vapes is seeking unspecified damages in the lawsuit.

6ix9ine Kodak Black

Recently, 6ix9ine claimed that Fume paid Kodak during an interview on the True Life Network Podcast, which was released on Saturday, September 16.

“There’s a whole company called Fume, right?” he began, emphasizing that the check came from them. “There’s whole videos, pictures, bank statements — like literally, there’s videos online of this company saying: ‘Listen, this is a collab song for our vapes,’ right?

“They’re holding a check, taking a picture with him. It’s everywhere, right, and they’re like, ‘Yo, 6ix9ine paid a million dollars for Kodak’ — no, it was their song, right? It was their song, they paid the million dollars.”