Ahlotta, Ohio Rapper Found Dead; Police Arrest Her Boyfriend for Murder

Image Source: ahlotta/instagram

Ahlotta, an up-and-coming rapper from Ohio, has been found dead. Police have arrested her boyfriend for the murder.

According to Cleveland 19, the rapper (real name Breneisha Lightfoot) was reported missing earlier this week. Curiously, her disappearance coincided with her birthday. Concerned for her well-being and unable to establish contact with her, her family and friends took action and sought help from the police. On Tuesday, July 18, they made a request for a wellness check to ensure her safety.

Police arrived at Ahlotta’s apartment in the Bedford district of Cleveland, OH, and discovered evidence suggesting that “someone may have been seriously injured there,” according to the outlet.

Ahlotta and her boyfriend
Ahlotta/Michael Roarty-Nugent

The person that was last known to have been with the Ahlotta was her boyfriend, Michael Roarty-Nugent. However, when the authorities tried to question him about Ahlotta’s location, they discovered that he was also missing.

After Michael Roarty-Nugent’s disappearance, the authorities declared him a “person of interest” in the Ohio rapper’s case.

A search was launched for the Ohio rapper, and her body was ultimately found on Friday (July 21) in the Slavic Village neighborhood of Cleveland, OH, as reported by the local NBC affiliate WKYC 3.

“The discovery of Lightfoot’s body comes on the same day that police arrested her boyfriend, Michael Roarty-Nugent,” reported the outlet. “Charges against him are ‘forthcoming,’ according to a statement by Bedford Deputy Police Chief Rick Suts.”

As of now, Michael Roarty-Nugent has not been officially charged with the murder of the Ohio rapper. However, he seems to be the only suspect in the case. The specific charges that will be brought against him are not yet clear, and it remains uncertain whether they will include murder and to what degree, or possibly manslaughter.

Image Source: ahlotta/instagram

Ahlotta’s last activity on social media was on TikTok, where she posted a series of three videos on July 14th.

Ahlotta’s first TikTok video had a humorous tone, where she shared a joke about “the last piece of gum in the pack.” In the second video, the Ohio rapper was seen doing her hair while lip-synching to “How To Love” by Nina Las Vegas.

The last video posted by the Ohio rapper raised some eyebrows. In this video, she is seen standing behind her sister and a man who appears to be Roarty-Nugent. “POV: when you get in an argument with ya man and he finally not wrong and yo sister take his side instead of yours,” she wrote in the video.

“I thought we was family you supposed to ride if im right or wrong and im never wrong even im wrong,” she captioned the video.

She can then be seen lip-synching, “but I am telling you right now, that muthafucka back there is not real.”