Andrew Tate’s “Drink Champs” Invitation: “I Was Joking,” N.O.R.E. Backtracks

N.O.R.E. & Andrew Tate XXL Mag
N.O.R.E. & Andrew Tate XXL Mag

N.O.R.E. has withdrawn his invitation to controversial media firebrand Andrew Tate for his Drink Champions podcast, saying he was only “joking” the entire time.

The rapper-turned-podcaster suggested having Tate as a guest on the well-liked, award-winning talk show and podcast on Friday (March 31).

“Do we want Andrew Tate on drinkchamps?” he asked his Twitter followers, which caused a firestorm of responses.

Check out N.O.R.E.’s tweet below:

One of the first to comment was Legendary B-boy Crazy Legs, who remarked, “Would that be considered work release for him?”

Crazy Legs was referring to Tate’s house arrest at the time. He and his brother Tristan are currently under investigation for their involvement in organized crime and human trafficking.

But other commenters were a lot more viciously outspoken in their opposition. “Absolutely fucking not,” wrote one. “FOH with that mess Pollo Loco.”

Another pointed out the absurdity of the idea in the first place: “Nore asking if he should have Andrew Tate on the pod. N-gga for what? Drink Champs was supposed to be a platform to celebrate Rap. Why the fuck would you have Andrew Tate on there?”

N.O.R.E. backtracked on the plan to have Tate on the show on Sunday (April 2), only two days after tweeting the original hypothetical question.

He responded to a furious commenter with, “I was joking!”