Beyoncé’s $2B Renaissance Tour Set to Make History
HipHopX/The Telegraph

Beyoncé‘s upcoming Renaissance World Tour could generate over $2 billion in revenue, which would make it the highest-grossing tour in history.

Queen Bey’s ten-figure projection could potentially come through two main areas: ticket sales and merchandise, according to Forbes.


Based on the average ticket prices from 52 shows, the estimated range for gross ticket sales is between $751 million and $2.4 billion. By selling 300,000 items at an average price of $100, Beyoncé has the potential to generate an impressive $171 million in revenue from her merchandise. If she maintains 80% of the merchandise sales revenue, she stands to earn approximately $136.8 million.

Even if her ticket revenue lands somewhere in the middle of the projections, Mrs. Carter would have the highest-grossing tour of all time — by a wide margin.