Biggie ‘Cried Like a Baby’ When He Heard 2Pac’s ‘Hit Em Up’

Biggie was upset upon hearing 2Pac‘s “Hit ‘Em Up” for the first time and even brought to tears, according to Lance ‘Un’ Rivera.

On Monday, May 8th, Vlad TV released a recent interview where the record executive discussed the rivalry between two deceased rappers. The executive attributed the conflict to intense competition within the rap scene.


“When 2Pac finally did get out of jail and whatever happened with Suge and Interscope – he came home, and at that moment in time, Big was the biggest rapper on the planet,” Un began. “He was huge. I’m talking about he was on fire. He had sold two million albums probably at that time. The Mafia was pushing a million.

“So we had this hit record called ‘Get Money’ and we had a remix to it and all of a sudden, ‘Pac comes home and we’re at a video shoot and somebody plays ‘Hit ‘Em Up’ for us and we all looked at each other like, ‘What the fuck just happened?'”

He continued: “Because like I said, that record was hot. It was big. ‘Cause me personally like I said, I’m ready to go to war. I wanted to shoot a video the next day, make a song the next day and make one of those videos targeting Suge and Death Row. And Big was like, ‘Nah we’re not gonna do anything. We’re not gonna even respond.’


When Vlad brought up an earlier interview Un had with DJ Self from 2017, in which he said Big “cried like a baby” when he first heard the diss (which begins with ‘Pac saying he’d had a sexual relationship with Big’s then-wife Faith Evans), Un confirmed that did indeed happen.

“I was in the room when he heard Faith and 2Pac,” he said in the 2017 interview. “He cried like a baby!”

Lance also explained why he believed it happened during his interview with Vlad. “The real reason [‘Pac dropped that] was the fact that Biggie was huge. He was huge and he needed… Like I said, Nas, Biggie and ‘Pac – those were the top. ‘Pac went to jail, he did whatever he did so now Biggie has staked claim to the King of Hip Hop. I’m the target now, I’m the king. So now everybody else is like, ‘Okay, I got to get back.’

“That’s what makes 50 [Cent] so relevant to what he was doing when he took ‘Pac’s formula and said, ‘Oh I’m gonna make a hit record and disrespect you on the record.’ That’s what rap is. Rap has always been artists battling for the number one spot. It’s all part of the game – who’s number one?”