Blac Youngsta’s Brother Reportedly Killed At Memphis Gas Station

Blac Youngsta
Blac Youngsta
Image Source: blacyoungsta/instagram

Blac Youngsta‘s brother was reportedly identified as the man killed in a shooting at a gas station in Memphis on August 18. Police reports indicate that the incident occurred at a BP station on South Parkway East a little after 9:30 AM on Friday.

Blac Youngsta Dead brother
Image Source: Opoyi

The online source No Jumper reported that the victim was Blac Youngsta’s brother, though the exact source of this information remains undisclosed. Currently, there has been no confirmation from Blac Youngsta or his affiliated social media accounts regarding this claim. As authorities continue to investigate the shooting, the circumstances surrounding the incident are still unfolding.

Blac Youngsta gained recognition for hit singles like “Hip-Hopper” and “Booty.” Despite these successes, his recent three albums failed to chart, and he hasn’t released any new singles this year. Additionally, he’s been linked to a feud involving the late Young Dolph. In May 2017, Blac Youngsta turned himself in to the police due to his alleged involvement in firing over 100 rounds into Young Dolph‘s SUV. He initially faced six charges but was later released on bond. Notably, all charges against Youngsta were eventually dropped in 2019.

Blac Youngsta
Image Source: iPower 92.1

The reports about the victim being Blac Youngsta’s brother are not confirmed. But in the comments on the No Jumper post, something stood out – dolphins. Fans of Young Dolph used dolphin emojis and GIFs, likely because of the ongoing tension between Youngsta and the late rapper. It seems that there’s not much sympathy given for this news, considering their past feud.