Blueface Arrested For Felony Robbery Charge


Blueface has been arrested and is facing a felony robbery charge in Las Vegas after appearing in court for a for an entirely different matter.

The “Thotiana” rapper was taken into police custody on Wednesday (June 7) while appearing in court for a preliminary hearing for his attempted murder charges. Little details on the matter are available, and even Blue’s lawyers are in the dark. However, they told the outlet: “We look forward to vigorously defending him on both cases,” according to documents obtained by TMZ.

The attempted murder charge against Blueface arises from his October 8 night at the Euphoric Gentlemen’s Club in Las Vegas. The alleged target had apparently joked about Blueface talking with “some females in a cheap vehicle.”


Blueface did not like the joke, and allegedly assaulted the man “multiple times” with members of his group. The man later returned to the club in his truck and asked the crew: “Who hit me?!” after which security footage allegedly captured Blueface pulling out his gun and firing shots at the vehicle as he drove away.

According to investigators, the man’s left hand was grazed by a bullet, and the truck was also heavily shot.

Blueface has maintained his innocence, however a guy claiming to be the owner of the Euphoric Gentlemen’s Club said the club had to close because of the “gang-related activities” Blueface brought to the location. Moreover, he wants the rapper to “pay us till the day he leaves this earth” or “spend the rest of his life in prison.”
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Prior to his November 16 court appearance, Blueface was detained for attempted murder and detained in the Clark County Correctional Center. Afterwards, he was freed from police custody after posting a $50,000 bond. The case is still ongoing.

Blueface is currently the target of a separate civil lawsuit in relation to the shootout, but the criminal case remains ongoing. Jasmine Brooks reportedly filed a lawsuit against him in March for allegedly injuring her in the brawl, according to CBS 8 News.

According to the lawsuit, Brooks claims she “sustained injuries to her body, specifically her face as a result of defendants’ inadequate, unreasonable and egregiously deficient security of the property.” She’s reportedly seeking a jury trial and more than $15,000 in damages.