Blueface Faces Backlash for Asking 6-Year-Old Son if He’s ‘Gay’ for Choosing Snacks over Strippers

Image Source: blueface/instagram

Blueface has faced criticism for asking his six-year-old son about his sexuality and encouraging him to watch half-naked women twerking inside his home.

On Thursday (July 6), Blueface shared a sequence of videos on his Instagram Stories that sparked controversy. In the videos, he can be seen asking his young son, Javaughn, if he’s “gay” because he was searching for snacks in the kitchen instead of paying attention to a group of women dancing and twerking in the living room.

“Son, come here. There’s booty cheeks out here and you in here looking for chips… Slim Jims and shit,” Blueface said while approaching his son in the pantry. “You ain’t gay is you? Huh? Are you gay? You ain’t gay, right?”

Image Source: NewYorkPost

As Jayvaughn enjoyed a Slim Jim that he had found in the relatively bare pantry, he shook his head in response to his father’s questioning.

“My man!” Blueface replied while dapping and high-fiving his son. “My dawg! Ha haa!”

While Blueface continued his questioning, three women twerked away in skimpy outfits — including two in bikinis — in the room next door as Latto’s “Put It On Da Floor” blared through the speakers.

Blueface’s girlfriend and Javaughn’s mother, Jaidyn Alexis, was spotted moving around the living room, partially engaging in dance-like movements as the song played.

After the footage made its way online, numerous individuals expressed their disapproval of Blueface’s actions on various social media platforms. Many condemned his behavior as problematic, and some went so far as to accuse him of child abuse.

Image Source: Complex

“CALL CPS! This is child abuse,” one outraged person wrote in an Instagram comment, while someone else added: “Let the boy get his snacks… this so inappropriate.. damn near mental abuse.”

“It’s time to cancel blueface his toxic behavior is reached a all time high smh,” read a post over on Twitter.

Jaidyn wasn’t immune to criticism either, as one person tweeted: “That scene in Blueface house with the strippers is precisely why that Jaidyn girl is a LOSER. Why would you let your kid be exposed to that bullshit and questioned in that way by his own dad?”