Blueface Faces Backlash for ‘Humiliating’ Drunk Woman at Club

Blueface has faced backlash for “humiliating” a drunk woman at nightclub.

The Los Angeles rapper posted a video on his Instagram Stories over the weekend mocking a woman who was intoxicated at the club.

In the clip, the clubgoer could be seen sitting on a sofa and struggling to keep her head upright when Blueface grabbed her by the hair as his friends laughed and pointed at her.

The “Thotiana” rhymer kept filming the woman and pulled her hair again, before her friends stepped in and lead her away.

Many people criticized Blueface for humiliating the woman when she was in such a helpless situation in the comments section of The Neighborhood Talk‘s Instagram repost.

“He does anything he can to humiliate women,” one person said, while another wrote: “This is soooooo upsetting like n-gga wtf you pulling her hair!? I just can’t.”

Someone else chimed in by writing: “He has no type of respect for women at all it’s disgusting.”

However, others argued the woman’s friends should have taken better care of her

“She needs to stop hanging out with them girls asap,” one person said. “I would never let nobody do my friend like this wtf.”