Blueface Thinks Chrisean Rock’s “Trapping” Him With Pregnancy

Chrisean Rock & Blueface

Blueface thinks Chrisean Rock‘s “trapping” him with this pregnancy as he believes she could still get an abortion.

A few tweets from the “Thotiana” rapper early on Tuesday (May 9) added a new chapter to the toxic saga of his relationship with Rock.

“Who ever the judge is on my child support case I told this hoe I don’t want the baby she still got time for an abortion an she forcing it on me so you better make the price right on cryp she tryna trap me judge look out for a cryp on sY,” he wrote.

Blueface/Chrisean Rock

Blueface continued to think forward to a possible child support dispute with Chrisean, appealing with his future judge to not be “manipulated” by his Crazy in Love co-star and “make the price right.”

“I pay all my taxes judge ima good n-gga I got 2 kids no child support ever filed cuz I take care of a my kids but this victim playing hoe gone manipulate you judge she got me bro don’t let her get you she still got time to end all of this on cryp,” he added.

Check out his tweets below: