Boosie Badazz Criticizes XXXTENTACION’s Defense Lawyer Over Drake Subpoena: ‘They Reaching’

Boosie Badazz doesn’t think highly of the defense lawyer from the XXXTENTACION murder trial, especially when they attempted to subpoena Drake for his testimony.

The Baton Rouge native reflected on Michael Boatwright, 28, Trayvon Newsome, 24, and Dedrick Williams’ life sentences for the murder of XXXTENTACION (real name Jahseh Onfroy) outside a Florida motorsports store in June 2018 during a sit-down with VladTV on Saturday, May 27.

Boosie appeared to believe that the three convicted murderers received a fair punishment, while he speculated that other factors may have also played a role in the sentencing.

Boosie Badazz

“You get life if you kill a rapper. You ain’t gettin’ no years,” he said. “Most of the time, especially if you’re this color [Black], you’re getting years. That’s just how it is.”

Vlad then told Boosie that Drake was being brought up in the case by the killers’ defense attorneys. The 6 God was initially ordered to appear for the deposition, but on February 14, Judge Usan granted Drake’s request to avoid the deposition after the court had previously ordered him to sit down and answer questions.

Boosie, however, found the humor in the whole situation. “That shit had me dying laughing, bro,” he said, after which Vlad explained that 600 Breezy was also unwittingly dragged into it because of an unresolved beef he’d had with XXXTENTACION prior to his death.

Finally, Vlad repeated Akademics’ unsubstantiated claim that process servers had been waiting outside Drake’s home for more than two months in an effort to serve him with documents so he could testify, which unamused Boosie.

“Yeah, they was reaching,” Boosie replied. “I said, man, ‘I know they ain’t finna subpoena no fuckin’ Drake.’”

Drake ultimately avoided having to sit for the deposition altogether on February 24, when Judge Michael A. Usan ruled that the Scorpion rapper did not have to sit for a deposition regarding X’s murder.

Suspect Dedrick Williams’ lawyer Mauricio Padilla had presented Drake as a possible alternative theory to the murder, citing their beef before the Florida rapper’s death.

Drake XXX Tentacion Google

Judge Usan found Padilla’s arguments to be unconvincing. “What does that have to do with someone who you have no evidence of being involved other than hearsay and innuendo?” Usan asked Padilla as he tried to state his case. “You are now trying to just drag somebody in who’s a celebrity who does not want to be associated with this. And the harm to that individual is not inconsequential.”

He continued: “At best, that would be adding an unindicted co-conspirator, if you will. But that’s not a defense to the individuals that are here.”

XXXTENTACION was shot and killed outside a motorcycle shop in Florida on June 18, 2018. He was just 20 years old. The assailants got away with $50,000 in cash in a Louis Vuitton bag that the rapper had just withdrawn.