Boosie Badazz Plans To Build Entire Neighborhood For His Family & Friends
HipHopX/NBC News

Boosie Badazz is allegedly planning to build an entire neighborhood for his family and friends, according to HipHopDX.

On Tuesday, May 23, a video of what looks to be Boosie showing the massive building project. Men can be seen working diligently on a townhouse and a huge pool in the video.

Boosie Badazz
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According to many sources, the neighborhood of the father of six will also have streets named after his children, a basketball court, and a theater.

Check out the clip below:

Meanwhile, Boosie recently became cancer free after an eight-year battle.

On May 2nd, Boosie expressed his gratitude on Instagram for receiving a clean bill of health, following his 2015 kidney cancer diagnosis. Unfortunately, the news was tainted by the discovery that his doctor had passed away in 2022.

“Stayed up all night praying for these results #cancerfree,” he wrote. “God great but he test your faith all the time. I was ready to see my cancer doctor/surgeon today but I was told he passed last year.

“Thank u Dr. Wood for always making me laugh when I was down u were the best. I remember u rubbin my head when I was cryin before surgery n you ask me why I was crying n I told u I was thinking about all the wrong I’ve done n my life.”

He continued: “N you said Mr Boosie God forgives n don’t worry I’ve done more surgeries than you’ve done concerts. #DrWood I’m hurt.”