Boosie Badazz Thinks 90 Percent of Rappers Are Rats
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Boosie Badazz is completely against snitching in all ways, shapes, and forms, which may leave him with few friends in the hip-hop scene as he apparently thinks that 90 percent of rappers are rats.

On May 9, VladTV released a new interview featuring a Baton Rouge native addressed his stance on snitching. During the interview, he also explained his perspective that individuals who endorse snitching are neglecting the well-being of children.

Boosie Badazz
TheSource Magazine

“People gotta understand you in jail because God put you there. That’s why you in jail,” Boosie began. “You in jail because you getting learned a lesson. You stopping God lesson by telling, by being a rat. You stopping God lesson by telling. He’s teaching you a lesson by putting you there.”

He continued: “That’s why most of the time those snitches, whatever they do, they end up dying… God don’t sleep. The people who supporting rats don’t give a fuck about children. Those children suffer when you rat on that fucking family and they daddy. That child grows up without a daddy, that child grows up without a mother.”

Boosie Badazz

“So anybody supporting rats, they don’t give a fuck about a kid. Fuck a convict and what he did – that kid suffers from not having his daddy or mama. That’s what people forgot about with these rats.”

“YOU got caught,” he added. “When you got caught, it’s called take your lick. You going there for a reason. Fuck if you ain’t did that. You did something else. And that’s how it go bro. And they don’t wanna leave this lifestyle. That’s why I think 90 percent of rappers are rats. We still got some solid muthafuckas but it’s fucked up. They ain’t leaving that lifestyle, especially the bigger they get.”