Boss Top Alleged ‘Snitch’ Chicago Rapper Sentenced to 5 Years for Gun Possession

Boss Top
Boss Top
Image Source: Daily Loud/Twitter

Boss Top, a Chicago rapper, has been sentenced to 5 years in prison for a gun possession conviction. The Chicago streets aren’t calling for his freedom due to his alleged status as a snitch.

As per a booking sheet obtained by HipHopX, the rapper, whose real name is Tyree Davis, has been placed in the Statesville Correctional Center since Tuesday, June 27th.

He has been officially convicted of a class two felony for possessing and using a firearm as a convicted felon, resulting in a five-year prison sentence. Currently, his parole date is marked as “to be determined,” and if parole is not granted, he is expected to be released in 2028.

The other two charges, which were home invasion with a dangerous weapon and aggravated assault on a person, have been dropped, and their sentences have been discharged.

Boss Top
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The Chicago rapper, who is former protégé of Chief Keef, has also gained a reputation for being an alleged snitch, as mentioned in a Reddit post from January.

However, some fans of the drill rapper argue that Boss Top cannot be considered a snitch because the information regarding his case was already known to law enforcement officials.

In 2021, the Chicago rapper, who is also a cousin of the late King Von, shared in an interview with VladTV that it was actually one of his co-defendants who snitched on him in the home invasion case, not the other way around.

Boss Top
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Meanwhile, Boss Top is currently serving a sentence for a charge he received over seven years ago. When he was arrested in March 2016, his bail was set at $1 million. If he had been found guilty of all the charges, he could have faced up to 15 years in prison.

Furthermore, prior to his arrest, the Chicago rapper was involved in a heated feud with his former mentor, Chief Keef, in 2014. During the feud, he posted a threatening message on Instagram, where he was allegedly seen holding a gun on his lap, targeting Chief Keef and members of his crew.