Busta Rhymes Declines Verzuz Battle with Missy Elliott: Here’s Why

Busta Rhymes & Missy Elliott
Busta Rhymes & Missy Elliott
Image Source: Complex

Busta Rhymes has always believed in his talent as an MC and songwriter, but he chooses not to compete against certain people out of respect for them.

In a recent interview with Apple Music, Busta Rhymes was questioned about who he would consider a worthy opponent in a Verzuz battle, to which he confidently replied, “Ain’t nobody playing with me, period.”

However, when the interviewer mentioned Missy Elliott’s name, Busta Rhymes immediately dismissed the idea.

Busta Rhymes & Missy Elliott
Image Source: Vibe

Busta Rhymes expressed his strong sentiment towards Missy Elliott, stating, “Never with Missy. The reason why I can’t ever do a Verzuz or even compete with Missy on a challenging level is ’cause that’s my twin … I’m Missy and she’s Busta Rhymes. I will never ever ever ever ever, because I love her so much, I can’t talk my shit the way I would want to in a Verzuz.”

After recognizing the similarities in their styles and acknowledging that they both possess exceptional talent, Busta said that facing off against Missy Elliott would be more of a celebration than a battle.

Watch the interview below.