Busta Rhymes & NAS Songs Spark Investigation into New Jersey Judge

Busta Rhymes & NAS
Busta Rhymes & NAS
Image Source: The YBF

Busta Rhymes and NAS have found themselves at the center of a controversy involving a New Jersey judge who allegedly rapped along to their songs in inappropriate TikTok videos.

On Friday (June 30), the Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct reportedly filed a complaint against Superior Court Judge Gary N. Wilcox, as stated by the New Jersey Globe.

Between April 2021 and March 2023, Judge Gary N. Wilcox, under the username “Sal Tortorella,” reportedly created 40 TikTok videos. The complaint filed against him states that these videos contained profanity, explicit sexual references, violence, misogyny, and racist terms.

The complaint reveals that some of the TikTok videos were recorded at the Bergen County courthouse, where Judge Gary N. Wilcox was seen wearing his judicial robe. Additionally, other videos were filmed in his car and even in his bed.

One of the TikTok videos featured Judge Gary N. Wilcox walking around the Bergen County courthouse wearing a Beavis and Butthead T-shirt, with Nas’ 2003 track “Get Down” playing in the background.

The complaint points out that “the song contains explicit lyrics concerning a criminal case and a courtroom shooting as well as derogatory and discriminatory terms, drug and gang references, and the killing of a doctor in a hospital who treated another gang member.”

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Another TikTok video showed Judge Gary N. Wilcox smiling while lip-syncing to Busta Rhymes’ 2006 hit “Touch It” alongside the caption: “When an ex-girlfriend calls you ‘Santa’ because of your new white beard.”

The lyrics that Judge Gary N. Wilcox mouthed while lip-syncing to Busta Rhymes’ “Touch It” in the TikTok video were: “For the record, just a second, I’m freakin’ it out/ While she tryin’ to touch, see, I was peepin’ it out/ She turned around and was tryin’ to put my dick in her mouth/ I let her.”

The complaint additionally refers to other TikTok videos featuring songs like Rihanna’s “Jump” and Miguel’s “Sure Thing.” One particular video includes the phrase, “You think you can run up on me and whip my monkey ass? Come on. Come on!”

Although Judge Gary N. Wilcox’s actions have been deemed offensive in the complaint, his lawyer, Robert Hille, has stated that his client wasn’t acting in a malicious way.

“I don’t think that at the end of the day anybody is going to believe there was any desire to do any harm here,” Hille said, according to The New York Times. “Hindsight is 20-20.”

Judge Gary N. Wilcox, who has been a member of the New Jersey bar for over 30 years and served as a Superior Court judge since 2011, is scheduled to appear in court later this year regarding the complaint filed against him. The potential consequences he may face range from a reprimand to dismissal from his position as a judge. The court will ultimately determine the appropriate discipline based on the findings and evidence presented.