Cardi B Denies Dissing Ice Spice During Hot 97 Summer Jam Set

Cardi B has denied dissing Ice Spice during her set at Hot 97 Summer Jam over the weekend.

On Sunday night (June 4), Cardi used social media to clear up rumors about her shading the “Munch” star after she transitioned into “Tomorrow 2” by playing the Annie song “Tomorrow” and projecting images of orphan Annie twerking onto the giant onstage screen. 

Some fans noticed the striking resemblance between the ginger curly-haired character and rising rap star, and believed Cardi was throwing shade at ice spice.

Cardi B

“Cardi b putting a caricature of ice spice on her set in the same outfit she wore on a ig story when she was rapping tomorrow 2 and singing annie before transitioning into tomorrow 2… shading a girl that showed nothing but love to you,” one person tweeted.

Another wrote: “Cardi b shading ice spice for absolutely no reason smfh…. She knows ice spice is about to take her spot. the insecurities jumped out.”

One fan even said that Cardi’s apparent jab at Ice Spice had something to do with her recent “Princess Diana” collaboration with Nicki Minaj, who has been embroiled in a cold war of sorts in recent years.

“cardi shading ice spice unprovoked after she worked with nicki y’all see the pattern???” they wrote.

Cardi went Instagram Live after her Summer Jam performance to put an end to the rumors. She didn’t mention Ice Spice by name, she dismissed any chatter surrounding her performance as fans being “messy.”

“For y’all muthafuckas that’s on Twitter tryna be messy, please, cut the bullshit,” she said. “I don’t — that’s not me, like come on now. First of all, y’all been wanting me to be messy all things. Y’all wanted me to be messy on the song, y’all wanted me to — nah, come on now.”

She added: “Cut the bullshit, please. Get the mop. Y’all being too messy and y’all being annoying.”