Chlöe Bailey Reveals the Man in Her Life Who Brings Her Pure Happiness to the World

Chloe Bailey
Chloe Bailey

Chlöe Bailey has revealed that she is dating someone new, but he is not your typical kind of guy. 

The “How Does It Feel” singer informed her followers she was “ready to introduce my man to the world” on Thursday, April 6, when she took to TikTok to share the news with the rest of the world.

“I’ve been private about my love life,” she says in the clip. “But, I think it’s time now that I’m honest with you guys. So, I’m going to invite you into my room to meet my man. We’ve been together for a little bit. And he makes me really happy.”

Bailey then moves the camera to the left and pats an empty space on the bed next to her. “C’mon, baby! They wanna meet you!” she says, smiling.

She then turns around and the camera picks up her expression, which is one of “genuine happiness,” before she laughs out loud, clearly satisfied with her deception abilities. See the adorable video below.

Chlöe Bailey’s TikTok video received positive feedback from her admirers, as seen by the comments, although some people speculated that the post was made in response to recent allegations about her love life.

On Wednesday (April 5), Bailey and rapper Quavo, with whom she co-stars in the recent movie Praise This, were spotted together on the red carpet, fueling more relationship suspicions.

Tina Gordon is the director of Praise. In this, Chlöe plays the lead character, “Sam,” with Quavo playing “Ty,” who is more of a supporting character. Mack Wilds, Drewski, Cocoa Brown, Crystal Hayslett, and other actors also appear in the movie as stars.

Praise “Set in the world of Atlanta’s competitive gospel youth choir praise teams, [when] a young woman [Chlöe Bailey] with dreams of being a musical superstar is forced to join her cousin’s struggling underdog praise team in the lead up to a national competition,” according to the Peacock release on Friday (April 7).