DMX Once Robbed a ‘Source’ Magazine Reporter with His Dog, According to Jermaine Dupri

DMX & Jermaine Dupri
DMX & Jermaine Dupri

DMX once used his loyal dog to rob a reporter from The Source magazine, according to Jermaine Dupri.

The alleged incident occurred during a studio session for “Get Your Shit Right,” Jermaine Dupri’s collaboration with the late Ruff Ryders rapper from the 1998 album “Life in 1942.” According to the So So Def founder, it was “one of the craziest nights eva.”

Jermaine Dupri

“One night when I was working on my album, Life in 1942, I was heading to the studio for the DMX session,” JD said in a clip posted to his Instagram page over the weekend. “I was going to the studio in New York to hear DMX do his verse.

“We tried to make it a marketing thing by having an interviewer from, I think, The Source magazine come and be a fly on the wall at the session so that they could talk about me recording and how the process was and all of this.


“So it goes like this: the session was whatever time it was. The writer gets to the studio before DMX, then DMX shows up. At this time, DMX is walking around with his dogs and he got both dogs. But by the time I got to the studio, the reporter had gotten robbed.

“DMX basically robbed the reporter with his dog. No guns, just his dog. DMX came in and started questioning the reporter and told him to run his shit, take off whatever he had on.”

Dupri added: “He had his dog basically on the dude making him do this. I tell these 30th anniversary stories — I got a lot of crazy stories. A lot of shit I can’t tell, but this one I feel like I have to tell. R.I.P. my man, DMX.”

This isn’t the first time a story has emerged about DMX allegedly using his dogs for robbing people. In a 2019 interview with Power 106, Jadakiss talked about X doing the same thing in Yonkers with his dog Boomer.

“He broke barriers — he did Woodstock,” he told Nick Cannon. “To come from my hood, walking around with a pitbull, robbing people with his dog, to doing movies with Jet Li. X was crazy. He’s a dog lover, he loved his dog. He loved all of them.

DMX Jadakiss

“But he had a dog, Boomer. it was dangerous. You ever see him with Boomer, you know he’s robbing everything with his dog. Not armed robbery, dog robbery.”

During that period, DMX responded to the allegations in an interview with TMZ, denying any knowledge of or involvement in such an incident, claiming no recollection of the reported event.

“I do not recall the incident in which you are referring to,” he said. “I have no idea what it’s about. I mean, it comes with the territory. People are always gonna take shots. Try to accuse you of things.


“It’s not the first thing I’ve been accused of that I didn’t do. If I did it, you would have known about it. Like, for real. I wouldn’t be able to travel as freely as I do, if I did it. There’s nothing to worry about.

“I wouldn’t even be on the cameras. We stopped at a gas station. I don’t recall any incident happening. I make way more than that doing a show. So, why would I want that type of trouble for myself…The harder the devil works at trying to destroy me because I’m special to God.”