Drake & Frank Ocean: Are They Collaborating? Zane Lowe’s ‘For All The Dogs’ Hint Sparks Rumors

Drake Frank Ocean
Drake Frank Ocean
Image Source: AsWeHipHop/Stereofox

Drake and Frank Ocean, up until now, haven’t collaborated on a song, but speculations have started to surface, suggesting that this might change.

On Monday (August 21), during his Apple Music Radio show, Zane Lowe expressed his excitement for the upcoming album ‘For All the Dogs’ by Drizzy. He mentioned that the album includes a groundbreaking collaboration that he referred to as an ‘industry-shaking, never-done-before’ collaboration, which he called a ‘feature of dreams.’

Zane Lowe
Zane Lowe Radio DJ

Even though Lowe didn’t directly say Frank’s name, he played Frank’s song “Nikes” right after talking about the collaboration. This made some people think that Frank might be involved in the album.

Rumors grew stronger when fans recalled that Drake had shared a picture of Frank’s ‘Blonde’ album on his Instagram Stories last week.

Frank Ocean Blonde Vinyl
Drake Instagram Story Posting Frank Ocean ‘Blonde’ Album Vinyl

Even though Drake and Frank Ocean haven’t officially released music together, they’ve been interacting a lot over the past year. This has made people think even more that they might be working on a song together soon.

In March 2022, Drake purchased a $2 million chain from Frank Ocean’s Homer jewelry line. Frank Ocean shared a picture of the chain on Instagram. Later that same year, Drake mentioned Homer on his song “Sticky” from the “Honestly, Nevermind” track, as well as on “Privileged Rappers” from his album “Her Loss,” which features 21 Savage.

“The diamonds, they hit like a rainbow, that’s ’cause the necklace a Frank,” Drizzy rapped.

Drake $2 Million Homer Chain
Drake $2 Million Homer Chain

In other news, Drake recently revealed the cover art for “For All the Dogs.” What’s unique about it is that he had his five-year-old son Adonis create the design.

“FOR ALL THE DOGS,” Drake wrote in the caption. “Cover by Adonis.”

Drake For All The Dogs Album Cover Art
‘For All The Dogs’ Album Cover Design by Drake’s Son Adonis

We’ll have to wait and see if Frank Ocean is the surprise guest on “For All the Dogs,” but Drake has already confirmed a collaboration with his longtime friend Nicki Minaj for the project.

Drake has mentioned that the album is on its way and will be dropping “real soon,” although a specific release date hasn’t been revealed yet.