Drake cut the call off with YouTuber iShowSpeed this week after he complimented the rapper’s “sexy” voice.

The YouTuber attempted to phone Drizzy after receiving several direct messages on Instagram during a broadcast on Wednesday, February 15, which attracted over 50,000 views. He wasn’t expecting the Canadian rapper to respond, so he struggled to maintain his composure.

“Yo, Drake! What’s good, bruh? Oh my God,” he said. “Yo Drake, what’s up dog? You look great right now. What’s up? Yo, you look good, bruh!”

He continued: “Damn, this is crazy, bruh. You gotta understand, for me, this is crazy, bruh. Drake, I’m a huge fan of you, bro.”

Drake was then asked to choose between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo by iShowSpeed, who is well known for being a huge fan of the soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Wait, Drake,” he said. “I’ve always wanted to ask you this question, alright, please. Ronaldo or Messi?”

Drake responded: “Oh man, that’s a sticky one. Probably for me, probably Ronaldo, to be honest. I know that’s probably not gonna go over well. I know it’s Messi’s moment right now but for me, I’ve always just been a Ronaldo fan. I’m like you.”

Drake was Team Ronaldo in the contentious discussion involving the two soccer legends, and iShowSpeed called him “special” for sharing the same opinion.

“You a Ronaldo fan too, bruh?! Damn, bruh. Fuck, bruh,” he said. “Aye look, every time I meet everybody, they be like, ‘Yo, Messi better.’ But you, you bro, you are special bruh, you’re a special individual, bro. You are different.”

Drake added: “I got a lot of love for you, man. Like I said, I’m proud of you. You’re doing your thing, man. I was talking about you the other day in the car … I’m proud of you, for real.”

However, things took a turn when iShowSpeed told Drake that his voice is “sexy” and “smooth.”

“Bro, your voice is so sexy,” he said. “Like, how is it so smooth like that? How your voice so smooth like that, bruh?”

Drake eventually ended the two-minute conversation, causing iShowSpeed to get up from his chair and smack it.

“He’s not gonna answer the phone again, bro,” he vented after being hung up on. “I didn’t mean — I said it wrong, bruh. I meant to say his voice is smooth, but I said it wrong. On God, I said it bad.”