Drake XXX Tentacion Google
Drake XXX Tentacion Google

Drake appears to have no more involvement after a ton of back and forth in recent weeks about XXXTentacion’s murder trial.

According to the most recent court report on Friday, February 24, Judge Michael A. Usan has again decided that Drake is not required to take a deposition on the murder of X. In reference to their feud prior to the Florida rapper’s passing, the murder suspect Dedrick Williams’ attorney, Mauricio Padilla, suggested Drake as a potential alternate possibility.

In new video from the court room, Judge Usan found Padilla’s arguments to be unconvincing.

“What does that have to do with someone who you have no evidence of being involved other than hearsay and innuendo?” Usan asked Padilla as he tried to state his case. “You are now trying to just drag somebody in who’s a celebrity who does not want to be associated with this. And the harm to that individual is not inconsequential.”

He continued: “At best, that would be adding an unindicted co-conspirator, if you will. But that’s not a defense to the individuals that are here.”

NEW: Judge in #XXXTentacion trial rules in favor of @Drake and he will not have to sit for a deposition.

Judge: ” …no evidence of (Drake) being involved other than hearsay and innuendo. You are now trying to just drag somebody in who’s a celebrity…” pic.twitter.com/7pwXHaHcdN

— Cathy Russon (@cathyrusson) February 24, 2023

After the court had previously ordered Drake to sit down and answer questions, on February 14, Judge Usan approved Drake’s petition to avoid the deposition.

Bradford Cohen, Drake’s attorney, contended that the court lacked sufficient information to admit his client, and the judge finally agreed.