Gillie Da Kid and Wallo Speak Out Against Barstool Sports CEO’s Remarks on LSU’s Angel Reese

Gillie & Wallo
Gillie & Wallo

Gillie Da Kid and Wallo condemn Barstool Sports CEO Dave Portnoy for offensive comments about Angel Reese, LSU women’s basketball sensation.

In a highly-engaging Instagram video that was posted on Monday, Million Dollaz Worth of Game’s co-hosts took a stand against Dave Portnoy’s negative comments about Caitlin Clark, who won the women’s NCAA championship. The video is now making rounds on social media and highlights the co-hosts’ pushback against Portnoy’s narrative, which allegedly labeled Reese as “classless” for taunting Clark.

“It’s cool if they do it; it’s a problem if I do it — a great poet from our culture, Finesse2Tymes, once said that,” Wallo said after congratulating the LSU Tigers on their victory. “We don’t stand with nothing that Dave Portnoy said in any type, shape, form or fashion. We’re not in agreeance with that, we’re not in alignment with that in any way.”

The native of Philadelphia made it clear that Barstool Sports does not control their Million Dollaz show, they are partners in a lucrative licensing agreement that has just been extended.

Million Dollaz Worth of Game LLC is owned by two people: Wallace Peeples and Nasir Fard. We do not work for Barstool,” Wallo stated. “We have a partnership, we have a licensing deal. 100 percent of ownership is by us. We don’t have no bosses. I only got one boss and that’s God and my wife whenever I get married.”

He continued: “Shoutout to Angel Reese, you did a great job. We not just gon’ stand for that. For her to be a ‘classless piece of shit’ because of basketball, you’re wrong about that shit. We fuck with ya Dave, but you’re totally out of pocket, you’re wrong for that.

“For a human being to be a classless piece of shit because of sports where there’s nothing but trash talk, we not doing that… We not gon’ let you do that to ours.”

Portnoy faced criticism for using derogatory language and referring to Reese as a “classless piece of shit” on Twitter after Reese taunted Clark with John Cena’s iconic “you can’t see me” hand gesture during the game. This incident created a stir on social media and garnered widespread attention.

Later, the Owner of Barstool defended his tweet, saying that Reese’s taunting was far different from Clark’s and that race had nothing to do with his comments.

“For all the dummies out there who don’t understand why Angel Reese is #classless it’s because she taunted Clark with 10 seconds left in a game that was long over,” he wrote. “Talking shit in the moment is 1 thing. Doing it when she did was #classless and that’s why it’s trending.”