Gillie Da Kid’s Generosity and Words of Wisdom to Philly Youth: Stay Away from Street Life

Gillie Da Kid
Gillie Da Kid

Gillie Da Kid was spotted in Philadelphia this week giving away money to children in front of a store while offering life lessons.

In a video shared on Friday (April 7), the rapper-turned-podcaster is seen blessing a group of enthusiastic local children as he exits what seems to be a sneaker store.

As he handed the money out to the grateful kids, he warned them to “stay out the streets,” as one remarked that she’d be “going straight home” after receiving her cash blessing.

Check out the video below:

In other Gillie Da Kid news, last month, the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast co-host received a gold, diamond-encrusted Death Row chain from Snoop Dogg, who gifted one to Gille’s co-host Wallo as well.

“I’m just noticing you sent us Death Row pieces Unc. Oh shit, Unc. I’m a part of the Row, baby!” Gillie said on Instagram. “Oh shit, Unc! I did not know you sent us no fucking Death Row pieces, man. I love you, Unc! I’m on Death Row, bitch! I ain’t even giving Lo his shit, I’m doubling up. Two Death Row chains!”

Earlier this week, Gille and Wallo took to Instagram to denounce Barstool Sports CEO Dave Portnoy following his controversial remarks about LSU women’s basketball star Angel Reese.

“It’s cool if they do it; it’s a problem if I do it — a great poet from our culture, Finesse2Tymes, once said that,” Wallo said after congratulating the LSU Tigers on their victory. “We don’t stand with nothing that Dave Portnoy said in any type, shape, form or fashion. We’re not in agreeance with that, we’re not in alignment with that in any way.”

The native of Philadelphia made it clear that Barstool Sports does not control their Million Dollaz show, they are partners in a lucrative licensing agreement that has just been extended.

Million Dollaz Worth of Game LLC is owned by two people: Wallace Peeples and Nasir Fard. We do not work for Barstool,” Wallo stated. “We have a partnership, we have a licensing deal. 100 percent of ownership is by us. We don’t have no bosses. I only got one boss and that’s God and my wife whenever I get married.”