This week, while GloRilla was exiting a venue, a drink was thrown in her direction by an upset fan.

Online videos of the incident showed Big Glo being taken by a group of people as a lady threw a drink at her and started swearing at the rapper. The woman was being moved to safety by a security team when the Memphis resident spotted her and pointed her out.

After the rapper began calling out a woman on Glo’s side, the two started arguing and almost became physical before security stepped in.

“Fuck you bitch, weak ass bitch,” the fan yells in the video before she spits in GloRilla’s direction. You can see the clip below.

GloRilla was reportedly paid $30,000 to play at a club in Oakland, California. It’s unclear exactly what started the brawl. When she arrived, everything proceeded as planned, but things suddenly changed when Glo failed to perform for an unknown reason.

The event is unexpected, especially given the recent breakout success GloRilla has experienced. The song “F.N.F.” by Ms. She gained attention thanks to “(Let’s Go),” which also earned the rapper her first Grammy nomination for Best Rap Performance.

It also prompted Glo and Cardi B to collaborate on the remix of “Tomorrow 2,” which was released last September. Nas referred to GloRilla as “FNF” in the song “Til My Last Breath” from King’s Disease III, where he raps: “I’m applying pressure, I see why she pressed (Why she pressed)/ When she with me she GloRilla, FNF (FNF)/ N-A-S, I’m steppin’ ’til my last breath (My last breath, yeah).” GloRilla’s popularity skyrocketed tremendously.

The Memphis native was overjoyed by Nas’ shout-out when TMZ got up with him shortly after King’s Disease III was released in November.

“I love that so much, Nas is a big legend for real,” Glo said. “That’s super big. Like I never in a million years.”

When GloRilla took the stage during the 65th annual Grammy Awards’ Hip Hop 50 homage, she stood in for the new rap generation.

Big Glo and Lil Uzi Vert joined other Hip Hop greats like LL COOL J, Rakim, Missy Elliott, The LOX, and others on stage to perform an amazing 15-minute set in honor of Hip Hop’s 50th birthday.