Gunna Tells Young Thug He Didn’t Snitch on him: ‘I know you hear the lies’
HipHopX/XXL Mag

Gunna has been denying snitch allegations ever since he pleaded out in the ongoing YSL RICO case. He is currently telling Young Thug that he didn’t snitch on him on his latest album, A Gift & A Curse.

The Georgia rapper released his most recent project on Friday (June 16) through Young Stoner Life label, which serves as his first album since being released from jail in December after accepting a plea deal.

On the new album, Gunna directly confronts the “snitch” accusations in a number of tracks. In the song “I Was Just Thinking,” he expresses how sad he felt about Young Thug’s situation and the “lies” that others are spreading about him.


He raps: “That’s four walls talkin’ to you, tellin’ you you gone/ Only I done criеd, ’cause this feelin’ for my bro (King Slime)/ And you know my mind, you done watched that n-gga grow/ I know you hear the lies, it’s your lil’ brother, my folk/ Yeah, I had popped out, but don’t let ’em say I told.”

On “Rodeo Dr,” he also claims that he has been dealing with people who have accused him of snitching, but it’s unclear to whom he is referring.

He raps: “I know you heard I been pullin’ up pressin’ these n-ggas who claimin’ I ratted/ And been all on the yacht with my muthafuckin’ shirt off, look at it, my whole body tatted.”

Gunna addresses the allegations 33 times, with 43.3 percent of his lyrics aimed toward people who doubted him. 25.1 percent of his bars allegedly speak on his vulnerability, with his lines about oral sex being at its lowest at 0.9 percent compared to previous projects, according to Hip Hop By The Numbers.