Gunplay Smashes TV During Alleged Drunken Domestic Dispute with Wife in Video Footage

Gunplay Image Source: Getty Images/Instagram

Gunplay was caught on camera, seemingly in the midst of an alcohol-fueled outburst, and there’s some talk that his wife could be behind the video’s release.

In a video that surfaced on Friday, without a specified date, the former MMG rapper can be seen pointing his camera phone to confront his wife, asking her if she “threw away all his shit.” When Vonshae Taylor-Morales declines to respond, Gunplay proceeds to approach the television and starts smashing it with a frying pan.

Gunplay and his family
Image Source: NY Post

The video then switches to the next day, and Gunplay (real name Richard Morales Jr.) is shown laughing sheepishly and promising to buy a new TV after sobering up.

You can watch the video clip below:

The Miami rapper was taken into custody on Saturday evening (August 19) for charges including aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, domestic violence, false imprisonment, and child abuse.

Fox Sports reporter Andy Slater stated that Gunplay pointed a gun at his wife while she was holding their daughter after she told him to quiet down while playing Xbox.

Gunplay’s wife, Vonshae Taylor-Morales, posted on Instagram on Sunday (August 20), describing the “traumatizing” incident and alleging that he scared their baby while playing Call of Duty. She also claimed he has an alcohol problem and intends to file for divorce to safeguard herself and her daughter.

Gunplay Wife with his baby
Gunplay Wife with his baby/Image Source: Instagram

One week later, Taylor-Morales shared on Instagram that she had been thinking about ending her relationship with Gunplay for a while due to concerns about her mental well-being and child abuse.

“This entire situation is sickening….. that live you guys are trying to use as the event is FALSE. That is his studio in our laundry room. Two entire different situations and events. The video game is in our bedroom. Tensions been high in the house, I’ve been fed up with a lot of stuff.

“I was already looking for a divorce in June. He was begging me not to leave. He said he would do therapy and I tried it. He went to one session and never did it again,” she began of Gunplay’s efforts — or lack thereof — to save their marriage.”

Gunplay with his baby
Image Source: Twitter

“Do you guys understand how unhinged he was to break a porcelain sink after I left!!!!,” she continued, referencing a photo in the attached carousel, featuring a broken porcelain sink she alleged her husband damaged.

“If he didn’t do anything and I’m ‘exaggerating’ why the hell did he reach out to a lawyer asking for a bond in the midst of all this drama? That’s a innocent person? He in jail contacting my friends and family trying to have me drop the charges. Now he in jail having HIS friends talk to me and about me online CRAZY.”

She added: “I hope the justice system doesn’t fail another black woman and child. If they do, he still will NEVER be able to be around me or my child. It doesn’t matter however y’all spin it. Pulling a gun out on your family and then choking a child in the midst is UNACCEPTABLE.”

Gunplay has denied all of the allegations made against him.