J. Cole Shares His Hip Hop Heroes With Kevin Hart

J. Cole & Kevin Hart
J. Cole & Kevin Hart
Image Source: Youtube

J. Cole has candidly shared about his hip-hop heroes who inspired him to chase greatness and become one of the esteemed figures in the rap industry.

During a recent episode of “Hart to Heart” with Kevin Hart, J. Cole expressed his deep admiration and respect for the legends who paved the way in the hip hop game, such as JAY-Z and 2Pac.

J. Cole
Image Source: Billboard

“I got a whole list of people who are the reason why I’m here — my north stars that I look up to. Obviously, Pac. Jay, Nas, Eminem, André 3000, Lil Wayne. And these are obviously the big bullets,” he said.

“I had Royce the 5’9 moments. I had Canibus moments. I had Boom Boom moments. But like in terms of the people that fueled my ambition. That showed me what was really possible. Like the first names I named, those are the highest ones. So those were the people where I was like, ‘Yo, I’m tryna get up there.’ In terms of skill, in terms of success, all of that they fueled it.”

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