J. Cole’s ‘To Summer, From Cole’ Lyrics Bring Tears to Summer Walker


J. Cole brings Summer Walker to tears in their new song ‘To Summer, From Cole,’ according to the Atlanta singer in a recent interview.

Walker shared some background information with fans on the making of her new song, “To Summer, From Cole,” which features the Grammy Award-winning rapper, during an interview with Young Miami on Thursday (May 25) on her REVOLT TV talk show Caresha Please.


“So we have a song called ‘Audio Hug,’ ” Summer Walker began. “I had asked him to do a song, he really didn’t get time to do it. He wanted to meet and I was so fucking pregnant, oh my God, I can’t. I don’t know if you seen them pictures, I was like 200 pounds. My ankles were huge. It was crazy. So we didn’t meet. But, he did end up sending me something called ‘Audio Hug.’

“It’s so sweet. I cried when I heard it. He was just like, being hella sweet and saying that he sees all the shit that I went through and if I ever need to call him for anything, it was just cool.”

She continued: “We didn’t meet in the studio, ’cause I don’t even like working like that, but we met at Dreamville, which that festival was awesome. That shit was cool. But then we went to Dave and Buster’s afterwards and that’s when we got to chop it up.

“We had a good time. He got his ass whooped in basketball. Everybody got they ass whooped in there. It was crazy.”

Check out the full interview below:

Recently, J. Cole confirmed that his next album is The Fall Off on the opening song from Summer Walker’s new Clear 2: Soft Life EP which arrived on Friday (May 19).

The song acts as a “audio hug” from Cole to Walker, featuring a heartfelt verse from Cole sandwiched by a tender hook from Walker, reminiscent of his uplifting poem about self-acceptance at the end of Logic’s “AfricAryaN.”

J. Cole

“I’m thinkin’ about ya, I heard you just had you another lil baby/ Congratulations, I hope you got through it with no complications/ I find it amazing, the way that you juggle your kids, the biz, the fame, the bitches that’s hatin’/ They sit around waiting for you to fall off like the album I’m making,” he raps.

Elsewhere in his verse, the father-of-two reflects on how becoming a parent has softened him rapping: “Session 32 bring me to tears, be getting chocked up when I hear it/ Seem like I keep crying off so much since a n-gga had these kids/ And I don’t know what it is that makes me so sensitive, more than I already was.”