Jack Harlow Shares Experience of Working with Late Lance Reddick in ‘White Men Can’t Jump’

HipHopX/The Hollywood Reporter

Jack Harlow has shared his experience working with the late actor Lance Reddick in White Men Can’t Jump.

The “First Class” rapper claimed Reddick was “an absolute pleasure” to work with despite having little time with him during a press conference at the movie’s premiere on Friday (May 12).

“I got about two days on set with Lance,” Harlow told The Hollywood Reporter. “I’m so glad you brought the legend up. Rest in peace to Lance.”

Jack Harlow
White Men Can’t Jump

White Men Can’t Jump also features Teyana Taylor, Laura Harrier, and Vince Staples and will debut on Hulu on May 19. It was one of the last projects that Reddick worked on before his untimely death at the age of 60.

While Jack Harlow has received some early praise for his role in White Men Can’t Jump, Machine Gun Kelly just released a brutal diss to the “What’s Poppin'” rapper.

The Cleveland-born rapper/rockstar released “Renegade Freestyle” on Saturday (May 6), which could be in response to Harlow recently proclaiming that he’s “the hardest white boy” to pick up a microphone since Eminem.


Machine Gun Kelly delivered up nasty bars in his homies’ backyard while rocking a hat and no shirt. He made sure to fire a couple rounds in the direction of Jack Harlow as well.

“Make sure there’s no confusions/I’m a great white, I can eat these barracudas/See who I am? You’re stupid, it’s nice to meet you/I just put this hole in the ground for you like a soccer cleat shoe/I see why they call you Jackman, you jacked man’s whole swag/Give Drake his flow back, man, I eat rappers like Pac-Man,” he raps over the infectious beat.