Kanye West Faces Lawsuit from Caretaker of $57M Malibu Mansion

Kanye West 57 million Malibu mansion
Kanye West

Kanye West is facing a lawsuit from the former project manager of his $57 million Malibu home for failing to comply with his unusual demands, among other grievances.

As per NBC News, Tony Saxon, aged 32, filed a lawsuit against Ye on Wednesday, September 13, after he got fired for refusing to remove all the windows and electricity from Ye’s property.

Kanye West 57 million Malibu mansion

Ye allegedly fired Saxon on November 5, 2021, after working together for roughly two months because Saxon didn’t comply with Ye’s requests.

Saxon, who was also the property’s security guard, was told to “get the hell out” by Kanye West when he refused to move big generators into the house.

Kanye West project manger Tony Saxon
Kanye West’s alleged former project manager, Tony Saxon

According to the lawsuit, it stated: “When Plaintiff refused to engage in unlawful conduct or to engage in activity that would further cause him physical injury, Mr. Ye responded: ‘If you don’t do what I say, you’re not going to work for me, I’m not gonna be your friend anymore and you’ll just see me on TV.’”

The complaint also mentioned that he told him he would be “considered an enemy if he did not comply.

Kanye West

Saxon claimed that Kanye West promised to pay him $20,000 per week, but he only received payments twice, which were meant to cover his salary and the project’s budget.

“I always had his best interest in mind as a friend,” Saxon said, comparing his refusal to stopping a friend from drunk-driving. “They get really mad at you that you overstepped your boundaries, but still, they could have gotten really hurt.”

Kanye West

The lawsuit claimed violations of labor codes, which included dangerous working conditions, unpaid wages, and wrongful retaliatory termination.

Saxon mentioned that Kanye’s vision for the property involved transforming it into what he described as “a bomb shelter from the 1910s.” This plan included removing the custom marble bathrooms, custom windows, plumbing, and electricity, and replacing the stairs with slides.

Kanye West Malibu mansion renovation

“We were going to be gutting all of that out and sort of building him a Bat Cave” where he said he could “hide from the Clintons in and the Kardashians in,” Saxon said, believing the property was just an art project. “As we progress, it’s becoming clear that, no, he wants to live in here.”

Saxon said Ye “wanted no electricity. He only wanted plants. He only wanted candles. He only wanted battery lights. And he just wanted to have everything open and dark. You can’t keep food in that house, because you had no refrigerator left. You had no windows. I had sea gulls flying in.”

Kanye West Bianca Censori Italy

Kanye West apparently didn’t want to be a “slave” to modern conveniences or be less “accessible” to the government.

“He wants to be on a privatized Wi-Fi network,” Saxon said. “He wants to have an alternate source of energy. He wants to have no doors, no windows, no fixtures, just concrete.”

Tony Saxon Bed
The bed Saxon claims he was forced to use

Saxon revealed that he lived and slept in the residence, describing the conditions as “miserable.” He claimed that Ye was unresponsive to his complaints. Allegedly, just three days after he raised concerns about a severe back injury during a meeting where Ye instructed him to remove the electricity and windows, he was fired by the rap mogul.

He added: “Hopefully we can bury the hatchet, but I physically cannot do any more work like that anymore. My neck and my back have been destroyed.”