Kanye West’s Alt-Right Campaign Manager Hiring Draws FBI Attention

Kanye West
Kanye West
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Kanye West is in trouble once more as speculations of a potential FBI investigation into his presidential campaign circulate.

According to Radar Online, who exclusively spoke to Yeezy’s campaign committee treasurer Devin White and attorney Bruce Fein, Kanye West’s decision to hire alt-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos as his campaign manager may trigger a potential investigation

Milo Yiannopoulos, who holds U.S. resident alien status on an O-1 visa but is not an American citizen, is prohibited from serving in any capacity on a presidential campaign.

Kanye West
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“Commission regulations prohibit foreign nationals from directing, dictating, controlling, or directly or indirectly participating in the decision-making process of any person (such as a corporation, labor organization, political committee, or political organization) with regard to any election-related activities,” said the Federal Election Commission.

“This prohibition includes advances of personal funds, contributions or donations made to political party committees and organizations, state or local party committees for the purchase or construction of an office building funds under 11 CFR 300.35, and contributions or disbursements to make electioneering communications.”

The Commission continued: “Foreign nationals are also prohibited from, directly or indirectly, donating to an inaugural committee; and it is a violation of federal law to knowingly accept such donations from a foreign national.”

Kanye West
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If the investigation finds that Kanye West accepted money from a foreign national like Milo Yiannopoulos for his presidential campaign, he could face federal legal problems. Accepting contributions from foreign nationals is not allowed under federal election regulations to maintain fairness and integrity in the election process.

Fein claimed he warned West hundreds of times about the potential violations and believes that West could be facing prison time as a result.

“He’s a foreign national,” Fein told Radar Online. “You cannot take any services from a foreign national. It’s a criminal violation not civil – a criminal violation! It’s a felony. It’s not a minor offense. This is not an obscure provision in the election law.”

White added: “We believe it would be virtually impossible at this point for [Kanye] not to be aware of that unless he is somewhere where he is incapacitated.”

Kanye Wesr
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As previously reported, Kanye West’s latest presidential campaign faced significant challenges, as the “Stronger” rapper had difficulty securing even a single donation. By April 1, 2023, the campaign had $124,873 in funds. However, by June 30, 2023, over $101,000 was paid out to consultants and other employees.

Although the campaign does not have any outstanding debts, Kanye West’s “Kanye 2020” LLC currently holds only approximately $23,000 in available cash.

Furthermore, Kanye West stated that he spent over $2million in bills since the start of the campaign. However, the total donations received during this period amount to only about $455,000.

Coincidentally, part of those campaign expenses included a check for over $30,000 to Yiannopoulos.