Kanye West’s Construction Company Failure Leaves $57M Beachfront Mansion in Ruins

HipHopX/Daily Mail

Kanye West‘s image and company have suffered considerably following his outrageous actions last year, which included making anti-semitic remarks and praising Hitler and now, it’s being reported that one of his million-dollar properties is rotting away.

According to The U.S. Sun, Kanye’s Yeezy Construction Inc., which he founded last August, while in Wyoming, was quietly dissolved in November. The project was put on hold by Yeezy and also removed contractors from the site. An informant claims that the property with Japanese influences has now undergone a thorough gut makeover.

Kanye West
Malibu Mansion

As of today, all that remains is the concrete shell and rusting balconies, while utility pipes have been left abandoned underneath the property alongside the beach.

The renowned architect Tadao Ando designed the stylish house, which Ye bought in 2021. The property was supposedly meant to be “part house, part sculpture.”

According to reports, Kanye West has moved to a new home on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.


In other Ye news, Ye was recently sued by Gap for $2 million over an alleged breach of contract.

Gap was sued by commercial company Art City Center in October 2022 because of alleged changes made to a downtown Los Angeles building by Ye, who was using the space for his Yeezy clothing line while at Gap. Gap began a lease with Art City Center in April 2021 and ended in March 2022, according to Radar Online.

According to court records, Gap said that they would pay $104,666,67 for rent each month and $8,333 for parking but the agreement stated that they cannot make any changes to the space without prior approval. However, “numerous unapproved modifications” were allegedly made to the building.


Since 2022, Art City Center has claimed that they are due $1.5 million in extra damages in addition to $822,000 in holding damages that are increasing at a rate of $164,000 each month. This lawsuit was filed after Kanye ended the Yeezy and Gap agreement in September 2022 due to series of alleged contract violations.

Gap has so far denied any wrongdoing, but they think Kanye should pay the $2 million since he allegedly caused the damages.