Kendrick Lamar & Baby Keem Accused of Copying Drake On New Song ‘The Hilbillies’

Kendrick Lamar and Baby Keem have been accused of copying Drake on their new song “The Hilbillies.”

On Tuesday (May 30), the pgLang rappers released their latest joint effort. The song, which has a Bon Iver sample, was followed by a shaky video showing Kendrick and Keem having fun while traveling around the world.

Following its release, many claimed on social media that they stole Drake’s flow from his Honestly, Nevermind track “Sticky” while pointing out the similarities in the songs’ beats.

Kendrick Lamar
The Hilbillies

“Kendrick Lamar and Baby Keem used Drake’s Sticky flow and this is how it came out,” one fan wrote on Twitter, while another said: “Yooo everyone fucking with that new Kendrick!! Now give Drake his credit for predicting dance music was the new wave cause Hillbillies is just Kendrick’s version of Sticky.”

Someone else joked: “Drake after listening to the new Kendrick & keem song” next to a clip of Soulja Boy on The Breakfast Club yelling: “He copied my whole fucking flow! Word for word! Bar for bar!”

One listener went so far as to imply that Kendrick was “clowning” rather than “jacking” his longtime rival, drawing comparisons between K. Dot’s lyrics and Drake’s globe-trotting bars on “Middle of the Ocean.”

However, if Baby Keem’s tweet is to be believed, replicating Drake’s “Sticky” may have been the main objective of “The Hilbillies.” Keem promoted the song by tweeting a link to the song’s video with the caption: “Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamar – The Hillbillies (Sticky Dub).”