Kodak Black Wanted to Audition for Disney’s ‘Shake It Up’ to Get Closer to Zendaya

Kodak Black and Zendaya
Kodak Black

Kodak Black has openly shared the true reason he was eager to secure a specific Disney audition before he had even launched his rap career.

On Saturday, October 28, the well-known Hip Hop website HipHopDX interviewed the Florida native at the One Music Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. During the short conversation, he clarified the situation regarding a viral video in which a young Kodak Black had stated that he was heading to a Nickelodeon audition.

Kodak Black

When questioned about the specific show he was aspiring to join all those years ago, the 26-year-old clarified that he never had the opportunity to audition for the children’s network.

“I never did [audition for Nick],” he said. “I wanted to audition for Shake It Up so I could push up on Zendaya.”

The viral video mentioned earlier, which gained popularity on the internet earlier this year, features a young Kodak Black stating that he was on his way to an acting audition. Although the exact recording date is unclear, some fans have speculated that it might have been filmed during the mid-2000s.

“Yeah, auditioning with Nickelodeon ’cause you know a new show coming out, feel me,” he said. “Just, just stay tuned. I’m gon’ be on there. I know how to act.”