Kodak Black Secures Partial Victory in Drug Case, Released on $250K Bond

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Kodak Black was arrested and taken to the Broward County Jail this week but he was quickly released on bond  while also securing a small victory in the process.

TMZ reported that Kodak Black only spent about an hour in jail on Monday (June 26) before being released on a $250,000 bond. Despite the huge amount, his lawyer, Bradford Cohen stated the quick visit was positive for his federal drug case.

As part of his pretrial release, Kodak has been placed under strict supervision, with the terms requiring him to regularly check in with authorities for mandatory urine tests.

However, he faced a setback when he failed to check in for a recent drug test, leading to a court appearance on Monday to address the matter.


During the hearing, Cohen presented an argument to remove his client’s strict pretrial supervision. The judge ultimately agreed to the request, but as a condition, the bond amount for Kodak was increased from $75,000 to $250,000 had to go through the booking process again at the jail.

Before his release from custody, the police took a new mugshot of Kodak Black. But before leaving, he had to pay an extra $175,000 because the amount of money he had to give as a promise to follow the rules increased.

Cohen considers it a victory because now Kodak can travel and go on tours without needing check in with pretrial services.

Kodak Black was arrested in July 2022 on multiple charges, including trafficking in oxycodone, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, driving with an expired license and tags.

He was released the following day upon posting a $75,000 bond after his arrest. However, he was placed under strict pretrial release conditions, which included mandatory drug testing while his case remained pending.

Kodak Black
Kodak Black/CBS 17

Earlier this year, when Kodak Black missed a scheduled drug test, he made up for it by taking another test. However, unfortunately, he ended up failing that makeup test.

Soon after the failed drug test, Kodak Black and his legal team appeared in the Broward County courtroom. His lawyer argued that Kodak was out of town when he was initially asked to take the test, and the subsequent failed test was due to a mix-up.

“There’s just so much with this that’s unjust and not right about this situation,” Kodak said at the time. “Not only am I denying it, but I’m hurt about it too because my character is being assassinated and I can’t speak about all that because I don’t wanna make the story bigger than what it is.”

He added: “All the good deeds, all the good things I do never goes viral and I don’t know why.”