Latto Faces Backlash For Old Tweet Aimed at Asian People Amid Jung Kook Collab

Latto & Jung Kook
Latto & Jung Kook
Image Source: latto/jungkookfanpage/instagram

Latto is facing backlash after old tweets of her have resurfaced containing derogatory and stereotypical comments aimed at Asian people amid her new collaboration single with Asian star BTS Jung Kook.

Following the release of Jung Kook’s debut solo single “Seven,” attention was drawn to old tweets that resurfaced online, allegedly tweeted by Latto in 2015 and 2016, which contain racist content.

Although Latto’s account no longer displays the alleged old tweets, screenshots of these posts have circulated widely. Latto allegedly tweeted: “You be cooking cats and dogs?” followed by what appears to be Chinese gibberish, an emoji of a Chinese man and a bowl of soup. On another, she allegedly replied to an Asian fan: “Are you asking me if I care ling ling?”

Image Source: billboard

You can see the alleged tweets below.