Lil Durk Claims Labels Try To Pay Him For Fake Beef

Lil Durk
HipHopX/XXL Mag

Lil Durk has recently claimed that rap labels are trying to pay him for fake beef and says he just can’t fake it.

Durkio took to Twitter on Friday, May 12, and made his claim while emphasizing that he was “unpredictable.”

Lil Durk
Lil Durk

It was unclear whose recent “beef” he was referring to, although it could have been a jab at his current (and seemingly one-sided) rivalry with Soulja Boy, who called him out with NBA YoungBoy.

“Labels try to pay me to beef I just can’t fake it I’m different I’m him unpredictable,” he wrote.

Back in 2002, The New York Times revealed that beef was one of the biggest sources of income for the Hip Hop industry, bringing in a whopping $1.6 billion annually.

The outlet also stated that beef was necessary because it generates publicity, which translates to sales, at little to no cost for the artist due to the ravenous nature of the music industry, with many managers, agents, and other sundry executives taking the lion’s share of the rapper’s profits.

Rap industry executives in particular view this kind of attention as beneficial to everyone’s financial situation. “The moment you see it, you deal with it,” Lyor Cohen reportedly told the magazine at the time. We remind them that they have a great chance to change the socioeconomic course of their families for future generations.