Lil Durk Makes Recovery, Discharged from Hospital After Severe Dehydration and Exhaustion

Lil Durk
Lil Durk
Image Source: Urban Islandz

Lil Durk has been discharged from the hospital after a week-long stay. Reports suggest that his hospitalization was due to a severe dehydration and exhaustion.

According to TMZ, Lil Durk was hospitalized on July 6 after his performance in Ohio. At first Durkio thought that the situation was pretty minor but doctors realized there was a bigger issue at hand and decided to admit him for just over a week.

Due to his hospitalization, Lil Durk was unable to attend a series of shows and the ESPY Awards. However, he promised his fans that he’d be back soon.

Lil Durk
Image Source: Rollingstone

“My fans mean everything to me, you’re the reason why I do this,” Durk said in a statement to TMZ on Thursday (July 13). “I was looking forward to touching all of my European fans, performing this week(end), attending the ESPYs and more.”

He continued: “But after performing and traveling daily I’ve become severely dehydrated and advised by my doctors not to travel due to exhaustion. Once I get my full energy back, it’s back to business which I’m looking forward to. #StillHealing.”

Fans expressed their surprise upon learning that Lil Durk had been hospitalized, especially considering that he had not made any prior announcement about his health condition until after his release from the hospital.