Lil Durk Says AI Deepfakes Using His Voice Will Never ‘Replace The Real Deal’

Lil Durk
Lil Durk

Lil Durk has made it plain that he will never be replaced as a warm-blooded, able-bodied superstar artist by any Artificial Intelligence deepfakes that try to use his voice.

In an interview with HipHopDX, the OTF boss said that although AI will affect how people compose music, it won’t replace humans while he was discussing future technologies and his new NFT-centered physical shoe collection, NXTG3NZ.

“I heard them AI deep fakes usin’ my voice, it’s wild what tech be doin’,” Lil Durk told DX. “I think AI gon’ change how we make music, but ain’t nothin’ gonna replace the real deal, them raw vibes and emotions we bring. Just gotta make sure we use it right, ya know? Keep our essence alive.”

Durkio’s NXTG3NZ collection — which stands for “Next Generation Z” with the 3 representing Web3 — brings together the physical and digital worlds. It combines his love for fashion and teaming up with top-level creatives and executives in music and sports to make sure the sneakers are of the highest quality.

A user must purchase an NFT in order to obtain the real shoe, making it possible for both sneaker collectors and fans to have a unique experience. The first set of actual sneakers were given to Lil Durk’s mentor and well-known recycling billionaire, Adam Weitsman.

“NXTG3NZ is built on Algorand to bring real value for Lil Durk’s fans,” explained Jessica T. Chin, CMO at Algorand Foundation. “As the pioneers of scaling blockchain infrastructure, we are thrilled to partner with Lil Durk as a platform for change and creativity. Algorand continues to enable real world utility connecting both physical and digital worlds.”

Regarding NFTs, Durk, who has had a very successful career to date, revealed to DX that if he had the chance to immortalize one particular event from his career in NFT form, it would be one of his homecoming shows.

“I’d pick the time I sold out United Center in my hometown, the energy was unreal,” he said of the 2022 concert. “That night was somethin’ else, and I’d love to share that vibe with the fans, let ’em feel what I felt on that stage.”

Meanwhile, on the music side of things, Lil Durk teased a upcoming musical project with J. Cole after performing at the Dreamville Festival in North Carolina over the weekend.

The OTF boss announced he was working on new music with Cole in a sit-down interview with Rob Markman, Gia Peppers, and Wayno before taking the stage on Saturday night (April 1).

“I was gon’ do it anyway,” Durk said about performing at Dreamville. “I wanted to do it anyway getting to the festival world, but me and J. Cole cooking up something too. We just vibing, working, you know what I’m saying?”