Lil Uzi Vert Reveals Inspiration Behind $24M Forehead Diamond
Lil Uzi Vert

Lil Uzi Vert has revealed the reason behind implanting a $24million diamond in their forehead says it had something to do with one of the rapper’s favorite cartoon characters.

Steven Universe on Cartoon Network inspired Uzi to have the piercing, according to a recent interview with fashion magazine 032c that was published on Tuesday (May 30).

The Eternal Atake rapper noted how enthralled they were with the show’s lead character, Steven, who has a gemstone for a belly button. However, the rapper claimed they weren’t interested in getting a belly button piercing so instead opted for their forehead.

“I used to watch this show called Steven Universe, and one of the characters in the show had a pink diamond in his belly button. I didn’t have my belly button pierced, so I decided to put it on my forehead,” they said. “That’s my favorite cartoon — it’s really that simple.”

In February 2021, Uzi introduced the piercing, although hishis fans didn’t appear overly excited about it. The discussion then switched to concerns about whether the piercing was appropriately placed when images of Uzi started to circulate online.

Uzi discussed their choice to switch to the pronouns they/them in another section of the interview. Uzi stated that they took the time to educate themselves about gender identities before making their public statement.

Uzi also dismissed the idea that they were “brave” for making the announcement, which was quietly done on Instagram last summer.


“No, I never hesitated,” they said. “But I did take my time to learn as much as I could about this before I was able to proceed. Taking the time to figure out who you are is a big part of what it means to be alive. Once you figure out whether you’re here with it, there with it, or both, you’re not alone anymore.

Uzi continued: “This community offers access to a certain kind of support that you might not have had [previously during] your entire life because you weren’t raised that way. I come from a household where it’s not okay to be ‘non’ anything.”