Mozzy Shooting Results in Temporary Closure of Kansas Club

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Mozzy‘s arrest after a mass shooting at an afterparty, which left nine people injured, has led to the temporary closure of the venue.

On Saturday (July 1), chaos unfolded at City Nightz, a nightclub in Wichita, Kansas. Mozzy was attending an afterparty there following his performance at a nearby venue. Disturbing footage captured the moment shots were fired, causing panic to erupt inside the club. The police reported that the nine victims were men and women ranging in age from 21 to 34.

Five individuals were taken to local hospitals via ambulance, while two others suffered “traumatic injuries” as a result of being trampled during the crowd rush in venue.

As the Wichita Police Department investigates the incident to figure out what happened, local outlet 12 News has reported that City Nightz, the nightclub where the mass shooting took place, has received a 30-day suspension in response to the tragic event.

Kansas Club
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Brandon Young, a 31-year-old from Florissant, Missouri, has been arrested by the Wichita Police Department (WPD) in connection with the incident. Chief Joe Sullivan revealed to 12 News that Young was employed as a security guard for Mozzy during the time of the shooting. Chief Sullivan further commented that proper screening measures, such as checking individuals before entering the club, could have potentially prevented the tragic event from occurring.

“We need to take a strong stance in response to what occurred, because in my estimate,” I believe it was totally preventable,” Sullivan said, adding that City Nightz had experienced 12 prior violent incidents in 2023 alone.

“You can’t have gun violence under control. If you have one homicide, one shooting, that’s too many,” Sullivan said. “We were actually below last year in shooting victims, but due to the number of the shooting victims that happened in that one incident, we were slightly above last year. It’s a major concern for us … I am really hoping this is a wakeup call for club owners across our city, not just in Old Town.”

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The incident occurred less than two months after Mozzy’s early release from prison in his federal gun case.

After turning himself in to federal authorities in July of last year, the 36-year-old Mozzy served a 10-month prison sentence and was fined $55,000. His conviction stemmed from a traffic stop incident in January 2022 when he was pulled over by police officers in Culver City, California.

During the traffic stop, police officers claimed they smelled “burnt marijuana,” cops searched his car and discovered a Glock 26, 16 rounds of 9mm ammunition and a “personal use” amount of marijuana. Mozzy was then arrested, but later released after posting bail of $35,000.