According to reports, Mustard has agreed to start paying Chanel Thierry, his ex-wife, $18,342 per month in interim child support expenses in February.

RadarOnline records claim that on Tuesday, Mustard and Thierry came to an arrangement and communicated it in writing to the court (January 31).

They were married in October 2020 and had three children together, Kiylan, Kauner, and Kody, before Mustard (actual name Dijon McFarlane) filed for divorce in May 2022.

She believes a prenuptial agreement allows her to an extra $35,000 in monthly payments, and Thierry was initially demanding almost $80,000 per month in child support. She is also asking for him to pay her $40,000 in legal expenses

Although a deal was made for Mustard to begin making payments of $18,342 per month beginning in February, Thierry’s struggle for the $82,628 in monthly payments is still ongoing. They decided to put off until later the hearing on her demand for increased child support.

In part, Thierry’s order called for $82,628 in child support per month, which she claimed was entirely acceptable awaiting a “forensic investigation” of Mustard’s finances, which her counsel claimed they’ve already looked at and found he earned over $10 million in 2020.


Mustard “is a prominent American record producer who makes an incredibly high living wage,” according to Thierry’s sworn affidavit, and “has more than enough cash to pay for both his and my attorney bills.”

The legal action was taken after Thierry criticized Mustard for not previously paying child support. She criticized the multi-platinum producer on social media in November for allegedly breaking his promises to their kids.

“These men be so bitter after they leave. How u mad at me for stepping after you left me,” Thierry posted on Instagram. “How u furious at me for that. “Not giving me child support on purpose to be spiteful. pursuant to my prenuptial agreement. Talk about wanting me to go empty-handed, sheesh, that makes my stomach hurt.

The ex-couple, however, finally came to an understanding over joint physical custody of all three children, with a reportedly “week on/week off” schedule. The head of 10 Summers Records and Thierry will attend voluntary settlement meetings with the court and are expected to respond later this year.

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