Mustard’s Ex Wife Exposes Producer’s Massive Income For More Child Support
HipHopX/Urban Islandz

Mustard‘s ex-wife Chanel Thierry has exposed producer’s massive income to get him to pay more child support.

Thierry filed an order to a California judge back in January on issues of child support, custody, spousal support, legal costs, and even an order based on a lack of contact between the ex-spouses (via The Blast).

She asked the judge to give her “tie-breaking authority” over decisions involving the “health and education” of their three children, claiming that it has become “increasingly difficult to co-parent with Mustard as he does not communicate or answer text messages.” Her order demanded both joint physical and joint legal custody of their three children.

Thierry further claimed that their former nanny now serves as Mustard’s “house” manager and that the absence of a nanny has made it even more difficult for her to communicate child-related problems to her ex-husband.

She also asked for child support around $82,628 each month. She claimed they were totally reasonable demands pending a “forensic evaluation” of Mustard’s finances,” which Thierry’s attorneys said they’ve already reviewed and saw was over $10million.

That evaluation is now complete, and documents acquired by RadarOnline show that Mustard (real name Dijon McFarlane)  makes around $623,381 per month based on actual cash flow for the years 2020 through 2022.

“Dijon’s income is derived primarily from his music recording businesses which include Dijon’s salary as well as income from publishing, recording, and royalties and residuals from Dijon’s music and recordings,” the report read. “A portion of Dijon’s income includes advances that are received in advance as compensation and towards any applicable expenses such as studio fees. Dijon’s other sources of income include minimal interest and dividends.”


According to the report, Mustard’s income includes massive advances “from Universal Music Group (UMG) totaling $12,000,000 and Sony Music (Sony) totaling $7,500,000.” Additionally, he made close to $1 million from Ella Mai’s music, who is signed to his 10 Summers imprint.

Meanwhile, it was discovered that Chanel Thierry was making around $3,216 per month.

Mustard has currently agreed to start paying Chanel Thierry $18,342 per month in child support in February and has contributed $25,000 in attorney fees and $10,000 to his ex-wife’s current counsel, and allegedly agreed to add an additional $20,000 to her current counsel.

In May 2022, Mustard filed a divorce, alleging irreconcilable differences. He and Chanel Thierry had signed a prenuptial agreement before getting married in 2020, according to court records at the time.