NBA YoungBoy Accused of Orchestrating Brutal Attack on Baby’s Mother While She Held Their Son

NBA YoungBoy attack baby mother
NBA YoungBoy

NBA YoungBoy has been accused of orchestrating a brutal attack on his baby’s mother while she was holding their son, Kaell.

On Monday, November 6, Arcola, the mother of one of YoungBoy’s children, made shocking allegations, stating that the rapper had two women assault her at his Utah home while he’s under house arrest.

She also shared images of her injuries from the alleged incident, including a close-up photo that showed blood flowing down her face from a cut above her eye.

NBA YoungBoy Baby mother bloody face

“Watch who you have kids by,” she began. “My son dad let his whoreS yes whores with an S cause it was 2 of them weak ass hoes. He gave them an order to get me lol you know bitches who never came from shit gone do it. My son was in my hands. His dad just sat back and watched smh.

“Mind you I dropped my son off the end of August he wanted me to come get him 2 weeks into him being there. So I told him keep him 2 more weeks. He was pissed lmao I just feel like if you ain’t gone help me financially you gone help physically.

“He’s so unreasonable so happy this is all over with now. I asked his wife [Jazlyn Mychelle] if she can ask him to get just kaell flight and he said no. Keep in mind the flights was 1300 for both of ours round trip and all i asked was for him to pay for kaells. n-gga still couldnt do that.

“so i was just like fuck it. im tired! anytime he ask for his son i drop him off and pay for the tickets. bitch you dont help with shit why i gotta keep paying for the flights?”

NBA YoungBoy Baby mother

Arcola further alleged that NBA YoungBoy is struggling with drug addiction and wouldn’t return their son, even though they had an agreement.

“So rewind to 2 weeks ago I asked can I get my son he said I gotta wait 2 weeks tryna be petty,” she continued. “Sunday made 2 weeks I asked can I get him he started telling me how I can visit kaell on weekends LMFAO them drugs got his mind gone.

“He then blocked me so I told him I’ll be out there Wednesday but nah I booked my flight last night got a rental and drove to his house.

“Lmao his security so weak I drove right past them and walked right in that house like I pay the bills I was calm and respectful I asked where is kaell like 30 times! I finally found him and his whores was trying to take my son out of my hands smh I cannot make this up.”

NBA Youngboy & Arcola's Son Kaell

Arcola also mentioned that she doesn’t plan on pressing charges against NBA YoungBoy or the two women.

“I would be wrong if I pressed charges on yall for doing me like this with my baby in my hand. But karma gone eat yall asses up,” she wrote. “I got my son back I’m happy that’s all that matters fr. 5 stitches later. And her punk ass fist ain’t do that shorty had sum.”

“They kept trying to take kaell from me. I cried so hard I even screamed so loud like you’d thing I was mental. I was holding my baby sooooo tight I was never letting my son go to swing on you low life whores. I came for my son and left with him.”