Ne-Yo’s Ex-Girlfriend Seeks Child Support in Custody Battle
HipHopX/Radar Online

Ne-Yo‘s ex-girlfriend Sade Bagnerise has issued a response regarding the singer’s recent request for joint custody and a “liberal parenting schedule.”

According to recent reports from Radar Online, it has been stated that Sade Bagnerise has formally requested primary custody of their two children, accompanied by a request for immediate monthly child support. While she agrees to share joint legal custody, granting Ne-Yo a voice in their children’s lives, Bagnerise’s filing suggests that the “Miss Independent” singer should be granted visitation every other weekend, as well as alternating holiday parenting time.

Although Ne-Yo had previously requested a DNA test to establish paternity for Bagnerise’s youngest child, while acknowledging that he is the father of the first child, Bagnerise’s response did not directly address this demand. However, she made a notable statement affirming that Ne-Yo is indeed the biological father of their minor children.

Sade Bagnerise

Ne-Yo’s love life has been filled with ups and downs and has been far from straightforward.

In February, Ne-Yo reached the finalization of his divorce from Crystal Renay, a process that came with a significant financial cost. To resolve the situation, Ne-Yo had to write a check amounting to nearly $2 million.

As part of their divorce settlement, Crystal Renay is set to receive one of the four Georgia homes owned by Ne-Yo. Additionally, Ne-Yo has agreed to cover approximately $20,000 worth of moving expenses for Renay.

Furthermore, as part of the divorce settlement, Ne-Yo has agreed to provide Renay with $150,000 to purchase a new car. Meanwhile, Ne-Yo himself has chosen to retain ownership of their 2022 Bentley Bentayga.
Ne-Yo/Crystal Renay

Since the former couple shares three children, Ne-Yo will make monthly child support payments of $12,000 for their three children, as well as cover their school expenses. He will also provide an additional $3,000 per month for alimony for a period of three years.

Both Ne-Yo and Renay have agreed to joint custody of their children. Furthermore, they have made a written agreement stating that they will not introduce any romantic partners to their children unless the other party approves or if they are engaged or married.

In August 2022, only four months after they renewed their vows, Renay filed for divorce. During their eight-year marriage, she alleged that Ne-Yo had cheated on her “numerous times” and had secretly fathered a kid with another woman, who later turned out to be Bagnerise’s first child.