New video of some of the late artist’s final moments has surfaced after being played in the courtroom during the ongoing XXXTENTACION murder trial.

In a brief video footage from June 18, 2018, the day before he would be assassinated, X can be seen taking $50,000 from the bank while appearing to be in good spirits. The cash was collected by the teller, and X placed it in his Louis Vuitton bag—the same bag that had been stolen from him earlier that day when he left Riva Motorsports—before being shot and murdered.

On Tuesday (February 7), the bank teller (Cecilia Ramos) who handled the transaction was called to the witness stand and questioned about X’s behavior while they were interacting.

“He was fine. He seemed happy,” Cecilia Ramos said.

Opening statement: Prosecutor says Dedrick Williams (bow tie) was driving and cutoff the car driven by @xxxtentacion Michael Boatwright (orange) & Trayvon Newsome (grey) put on masks and are armed. Passenger manages to run away. They rob the rapper & Boatwright shoots/kills him.

— Cathy Russon (@cathyrusson) February 7, 2023

Michael Boatwright, Dedrick Devonshay Williams, and Trayvon Newsome are three of the four alleged co-defendants who are now on trial.

The three accused may get a life sentence if found guilty. Authorities think Boatwright was the attacker who eventually shot XXXTENTACION to death. Following their arrest, the four co-defendants, who also included a guy by the name of Robert Allen, were charged with first-degree murder and armed robbery with a handgun.

You can view footage from the entire first day below:

In an effort to obtain a lesser sentence, Allen admitted guilty to second-degree murder charges in August 2022. He is now anticipated to testify against his conspirators.

“[Allen] admitted guilt to a lesser charge of second-degree murder and armed robbery. He is still looking at a life sentence. Naturally, we expect better than that. However, his sentencing has been postponed, and Jim Lewis, Allen’s attorney, predicted that he will be summoned as a witness in the case against the other three co-defendants.

“Mr. Allen’s involvement was far smaller than that of the other three. The State’s desire to call him as a witness in the case had kind of always been considered.

The trial is expected to go on for about a month.